Dexter (2006)


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Dexter Morgan leads a double life as a police forensics specialist of crime scenes by day, and a serial killer by night of criminals whom have gotten away with murder through legal technicalities. He hides his double life from his neurotic, foul-mouthed, vice squad sister Debra, his co-workers at the Metro Miami Police Department where he works, as well as his commitment-minded girlfriend, a troubled divorcée named Rita, who, like Dexter is mortally afraid of intimacy and sex. Dexter also as frequent flashbacks to his life with his late foster father Harry, a police detective, who gave Dexter his inspiration to act out his homicidal urges. But during an investigation of another murder scene, Dexter thinks he's met his match when bodies left behind by a mysterious serial killer of prostitutes show no trace of blood on or in the bodies. Dexter is shown tracking down his victims, first a wealthy boys school director and pedophile/killer of three boys, as well as a hotel valet/serial rapist. Of his co-workers, Dexter gets along well with most of his co-workers whom are detective Angel Batista, the officious Lt. Maria Laguerta, but he frequently locks horns with the hot-tempered and misanthropic Sgt. James Doakes over their ability to investigate murder cases.

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Yvonne Strahovski to Return for Dexter's Final Season  11/04/2013 14:05 EDT
It has been confirmed that Yvonne Strahovski will be reprising her role of Hannah McKay on the 8th season of "Dexter".The character was sent to prison, with the help of Dexter, in the last season.  She wound up escaping, so one could argue that revenge will be sought.This will be the last season for "Dexter", which began airing in 2006, and stars Michael C. Hall.  ...  More>>

  • Dexter's alias to purchase M-99 is Patrick Bateman, The serial killer from American Psycho.

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Time to binge watch the finale season on Netflix!!
05/01/2014 21:45 EDT

Usual Sunday. Dexter then bed.
25/08/2013 22:59 EDT

Sunday night = Dexter time!
18/08/2013 21:04 EDT

Finally home from Disney do watching this weeks show
13/08/2013 23:28 EDT

So far not that impressed with this season.
14/07/2013 21:03 EDT

Can't sleep so finishing season 6
11/06/2013 00:35 EDT

I'll to watch it
12/05/2013 11:05 EDT

Dexter and no sleep make Nathan a dull boy.
12/05/2013 03:50 EDT

Getting ready for final season.
06/05/2013 21:13 EDT

The last season! Can't wait to see how all this plays out!
29/04/2013 21:40 EDT

Can't wait… last season. :(
03/04/2013 23:35 EDT

Ohhh yea
21/03/2013 17:15 EDT