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Dumb Money
Allison Rose | Sep 27, 2023
Even with all the finance jargon, Dumb Money has a lightheartedness to it and some humorous lines expertly delivered by the cast.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Sep 21, 2023
Excellent fight scenes, lots of guns, massive explosions, and some truly horrific and gory kills including a decapitation you never see coming.
Full Review | Grade: C
Theater Camp
Allison Rose | Sep 18, 2023
The real gem of this movie is the cast. Full of veteran, musical theater actors they bring an authenticity to Theater Camp that former drama kids can relate to.
Full Review | Grade: B
A Million Miles Away
Allison Rose | Sep 15, 2023
If you need a feel good story, let me recommend A Million Miles Away. Peña and Salazar definitely make it worth the ride.
Full Review | Grade: B
Sitting in Bars With Cake
Allison Rose | Sep 11, 2023
Shahadi and A'zion are part of what makes this movie better than it should be. These actresses embody their characters and have such a presence and chemistry that they make the bond between Jane and Corrine realistic.
Full Review | Grade: B
A Haunting in Venice
Allison Rose | Sep 09, 2023
This is Branagh's third adaptation of a Christie/Poirot novel and so far, it is his best.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Aug 28, 2023
Director Guy Nattiv (Skin) makes purposeful decisions with close ups and camera angles.
Full Review | Grade: B
Blue Beetle
Allison Rose | Aug 17, 2023
As a young actor cast to portray a Latino Superhero, Maridueña is a strong choice.
Full Review | Grade: B
Gran Turismo
Allison Rose | Aug 14, 2023
Director Neill Blomkamp takes the audience “along for the ride” as camera angles offer views from inside the vehicle, the spectator stands, and the helicopter overhead giving a broad view of the racers and the track.
Full Review | Grade: B
The Last Voyage of the Demeter
Allison Rose | Aug 11, 2023
Staying true to the mysticism and the horror of the novel, director André Øvredal offers the audience a slow burn that is perhaps a little too slow.
Full Review | Grade: C

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