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  • 16/11/2021 13:27 EST

    Kelly Murtagh Interview

    Kelly Murtagh is an actress, singer, writer, who also happens to be a Mom which is, by far, her favorite job and the inspiration behind her latest project, a children’s book called Zoo Krewe.  Wa...
  • 18/10/2021 22:01 EST

    Cinema Mongul Vincenzo Guzzo Talks About Theaters/Streaming and More!

    Vincenzo Guzzo, President and CEO of the largest Independent movie in Quebec, Cínemas Guzzo spoke with FlickDirect Correspondent Allison Rose about his businesses, COVID -19, Dragon's Den,...
  • 08/10/2021 22:24 EST

    Screenwriters Miscione and Marcella Ochoa Interview

    The writing team of Marcella Ochoa and Mario Miscione (Discarnate) discuss their latest collaboration, Welcome to Blumhouse - Madres streaming now on Amazon Prime.  Through the film, they examine...
  • 08/10/2021 22:02 EST

    Evelyn Gonzalez Interview

    Welcome to Blumhouse - Madres explores the immigrant plight in this country and the idea that not all monsters are make-believe.  Actress Evelyn Gonzalez (The Connors) discusses the film and her...
  • 08/10/2021 21:39 EST

    Ariana Guerra Interview

    Actress Ariana Guerra (Five Feet Apart) speaks with FlickDirect Correspondent Allison Rose about her new movie, Welcome to Blumhouse - Madres which delves into the immigrant population in America and...
  • 07/10/2021 23:25 EST

    Axelle Carolyn Interview

    Writer/Director Axelle Carolyn (Tales of Halloween) discusses her love of all things horror, her latest film Amazon Prime's Welcome to Blumhouse - The Manor, and the concept of eternal life with Flick...