Movie Apps To Enchance Your Moviegoing Experience

FlickDirect's mission has always been to be on the cutting edge of technology pertaining to the entertainment industry. As one of the first entertainment companies with a mobile first approach, we've developed a suite of movie apps to enhance your moviegoing experience. Through out the years our movie apps have won awards and have been featured in magazine such as GQ and Esquire.

  • Movie Hype!™ App

    Movie App: Movie Hype App
    Download our Movie App: Movie Hype on the App Store

    The New Social Movie App Experience!

    Movie Hype™ movie app lets you follow movies, alerts for breaking news and movie reviews, release reminders, streaming information, chat with friends about films, reviews, related films, watch trailers, and group watch (requires iOS 15.2 or later)

  • Movie Deals+™ App

    Movie App: Movie Deals App Download our Movie App: Movie Deals on the App Store

    Get Up To 75% Off Your Favorite Movies!

    What is better than having all your movie download options in one place? Movie Deals+ movie app put them all together in one convenient location. Starting at $4.99 and up you can now download all the best deals each and every day.

    NEW FEATURE Wishlist: Get notified when a movie deal is available for a movie on your list.

With constant updates to our movie apps you will never be outdated on your entertainment news, movie trailers, and movie deals. What are you waiting for? Download our movie apps and enchance your movie going TODAY!


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